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How My First Single "God You Are The Best" Came About

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

It was exactly this time last year that I was on vacation with my family sitting in the floor of the Orlando airport after coming back from a Disney cruise with 3 other families. As I sat there, I thought about how GRATEFUL I was that God allowed me and my husband not only time off from our jobs, but how he provided and kept us to be able to experience another summer family vacation. I always take a journal with me . Always. And I think its important to spend time meditating on the goodness of God and grounding us in recognizing his relevance in our everyday transactions - everywhere we go. I started off writing....."God you are Strong......what makes you so strong?" I thought about what scripture tells us about the Lord. The Lord is our strength and refuge and ever present help in time of need. And then I thought: Who is he to me? Right now? this very moment in time. The first sentence was soon formed. "There's no one stronger". As I wrote that down, I wanted to talk about me as well. I continued: "You're a good father (such a popular saying these days thanks to Chris Tomlin)....even when I wander....... hmm, I thought: what does wander mean? Wander: to walk or move in a leisurely, casual, or aimless way. Do I do that? YES! There are times I don't set out for an expected END!! And that's never good. What about you? Isn't that why he's our Shepard and WE are his sheep? Sheep wander off sometimes and it takes a shepherd to get them back on the right path. And there was my next stanza. "You're a good good father....even when I wander, away from your path you set before me, You adore me. It was at this point that our flight number was called and it was time to head back to Dallas. I closed my journal and boarded the plane. I didn't pick up my journal again to this particular page until end of August.

My family and I love watching boxing matches. On August 27th, there was a big boxing match coming up. It was the Floyd Mayweather vs. Connor McGregor fight. I remember going to bed that night and reaching over to grab my journal and wanted to document the night and share my thoughts and reflect on my day. I thought about the characteristics of a champion.....ah! God is a champion! Hmmmmm......what about that song I started? As I watched Mayweather go undefeated yet again, he was truly a champion in his field of boxing. Although some say he's quite arrogant, he's confident in his abilities and it serves him well. What makes him victorious, I thought? Confidence, strength, his ranking in the world of boxing alone! I thought: in order to be victorious as Christians, we must have the same characteristics and WHO do we get all of those characteristics from? Jehovah Jirah!! That's how the first sentence of the song was birthed. "There's no one stronger, there's no one higher, there's no one greater...Lord in you I delight!

Now all I needed was the music.....I shopped around and heard this crazy beat that sounded like a "march", a fight had a military beat to me.........the hook was birthed. "You're the Best, You're the Best, You're the Best....there is no one like You..............Today, June 1st, "God You are the Best" has officially been released to all the major music outlets (iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify) and I pray you love it as much as I loved writing it. There is no one stronger and we are his army fighting for the Lord. He provides all we will ever need and I will praise him for all the days of my life. God You Are The Best!!

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