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Supporting Others

Are you believing God for something? God is a provider, that's for sure! However, we are to be givers even when we don't think we have anything to give. I have seen people giving their time , their talents and their very last even when they believe they don't have "it" to give. Supporting others is so crucial to YOU receiving God's blessings. So be a giver and be a giver without concerning yourselves with what others do or do not give in return. Its very easy to be selfish like the rest of the world , only working on things that benefit you, only encouraging others when they can do something for you, only praising those that have something to offer you... I'm pretty sure that's not good or pleasing to God. Being a giver can and should be easier than being a receiver. The only way to get out of the receiving-only mode is to give more than you receive.

So, if you struggle with giving, make a list each week (perhaps every Friday) of things you gave during that week.......things you sacrificed for the benefit of others. And if you are believing God for something, find a way to sow that exact thing you want to see work out for you.

That's a true servant's heart. I C Love I C Joy, what do you see?

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