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Hi, my beautiful people!   When it comes to this site you can call me C Love C Joy.


I chose that name for this site and not my birth name because it is my goal to spread as much love and as much joy as I can to you and it is my hope that you see the same when you read anything I write, whether that be in songs I've written, in books I've authored or in my blogs.  I don't always get it right but I try.  Isn't that what we are all doing?  A few things you'll discover about me are: I love talking and getting to know people. 


I seek to understand and often find myself speaking up for the voiceless.  What you read here is all me, being as transparent as can be with you.  What do I write about?  Well first and foremost, I have one common voice:  helping people. 


I pray that anything I write, no matter how enlightening, funny or frank it maybe will either make you get a good laugh in,  inspire you to think differently about any negative thoughts you may have had during the week or simply allow you a place to reflect on what God says about you and your life. I'm what you call an extreme optimist.  If that bothers you then maybe this site isn't for you.  But if you are looking to share good times and even worse with me, knowing, in the end, we will win, then be sure to visit this site often because that's my kind of party!!! 

I am an author, but I am not an expert and I am not perfect.  There's only one that is and his name is Jesus;  I just want to set that record straight.  HOWEVER, in this life, in my career and my spiritual walk , I've experienced  enough to help others who may be novice in certain subjects and those are the people I'm here for and the audience to whom I'm writing .  I'm growing in all of those areas just like you and incorporating God's word and his promises helps with that growth.  Let's grow together!


If you are anything like me, you love to laugh! I try to laugh as much and as often as I can.  I'm of the philosophy that there's a time and a place to be serious but God created joy and he also had a sense of humor!  Don't take life too seriously!  This website is for your entertainment and mine.  There will be books that are merely written for the sole purpose of chuckling!!  Writing is something I've been doing for a long while. The number of journals my family and I keep around the house is appalling!  But, I love writing more than catching up on my DVR/recorded shows most weekends.  This is the year of being productive to help others.  Life is too short to waste my  free time on watching TV.  I pray this site inspires you and if it doesn't at least you walk away with a good tummy ache from all the chuckles! 

On this website, you will find my latest books for sale, upcoming book releases and projects on the way.  But I also want to hear from you.  Share with me what you like reading.  What motivates you to write?  What types of songs encourage you? What books do you want to see? 


I released my first single "God You Are The Best" June 2018 and my first book in January of this year.  Right now I'm writing 'bite-size' books.  If you're anything like me: that's about all you have time to absorb.  But I have also been working on much longer novels and when the time comes, I'll add them here too.  

I hope you see joy most if not all of the days of your life.  Let's dwell on those things that are lovely, good and acceptable.  Life is a book with MANY books (words) to write and experiences to share and C LOVE C JOY plans to uncover everything I can that helps you uncover everything you need to so that you are a better person by the end of each book read.


I hope you see LOVE and JOY here.  Let's chat.  I'm a great listener so be sure to subscribe BELOW so we can listen to each other.   I'll try to get back with you as soon as I can.  Let's stay encouraged.  And THANK YOU for visiting my site: With love,  C Love C Joy 



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